Master of Science (MSc) in Tourism-Hospitality Management

Graduates of the Master of Science in tourism-hospitality management (MTHS) program are well prepared to step into numerous mid-level service management and training director positions. The program (Master of Science in Tourism-Hospitality Management) is focused on service innovation and leadership, and leadership functions within many services and corporate settings and at postsecondary academic institutions.

University offers Postgraduate programme Masters of Hospitality and Tourism Management (MTHS).The duration of programme is two years. The course aims to provide training and knowledge required hospitality students who perform a range of skilled operations with the need to apply discretion and judgment. The course allows for the multi skilling requirements of many hospitality businesses.

Admission Requirements:

Direct Admission on Application: Subject to availibilty of seat


Graduate in any Discpline.

Career Opportunities :

A MTHS Graduate is typically considered for Management Training Position in Hotels, Restaurant, Tourism Guest Houses, BPOs and Front Line positions in MNC Banks and Insurance Companies, Airlines, Cruiselines,etc.