Why Presidency?

EXPOSURE & EXPERIENCE CREATES THE EXPERTISE …… the innovative concept of the PRESIDENCY brought the difference in the learning methodology. Traditional method shifted to time based concept, which ultimately develops the mindset of students for attaining the success. Presidency Students become perfect professionals and easily fulfills varied corporate needs for placement & Promotion.



14Years of standing experience in Management Education toward providing the value based education as Per the need of the time which ensures Trust & Confidence.
Permanently recognized by the GOVT.,this ensures tension free studentship. Institutional Dynamism concentrated exclusively on Management Education because of its Stand-alone Institutional status as per the AICTE.
Equipped with Wi-Fi campus, AC- Theaters,
Video Conferencing, E-Learning & virtual learning,Communication & Personality Studio, Psychological inputs for Confidence Building, tuned to match varified industry needs.
Perfect Corporate liaisoning establishedSince years to ensure the
study at a par with corporate needs
at different time and
for different purpose.

AICTE (Govt.of India) a approved & the presidency becomes the complete B-School in all standard & norms.

Completely furnished and adequately focused towards perfection in every level from infrastructure to talent capital and training arcade etc.
Opportunity to grow with Multi- specialization skill and to expand the suitability profile in different departments of choice.
Perfect Industrial tie-up associate with the Young Buzz, Mumbai, Edutainment, Bangalore & Achievemore of Chennai since 2005 and their training for Professional grooming already experienced by Presidency Students.
Massive Building in the 10 acres landscape inside city limit of Berhampur, Designed by Institutional Architects & Developed in Gurukul style to ensure the student friendly atmosphere to learn with pleasure.

Certified with the International quality Certification ISO 9001:2008 and ensures quality on providing Management Educational in true sense.

Moreover the difference can be experienced as an opportunity too……